Pantalaimon UT project has moved

The project for Pantalaimon UT has moved from sourcehut to my forgejo instance here. Source code, issues, and release artifacts can be found at it’s new home. The mailing list however is being deleted. Future announcements will be posted to my blog and public discussion will continue at the UBports forum.

Pantalaimon UT 0.6.0

This is an important bug fix release which resolves an issue with messages sent as unencrypted in encrypted rooms. Please update and restart the pantalaimon service.

Matrix server shutdown

Today I have officially retired my self-hosted matrix server and along with it the custom app service bridge I wrote for (pnut-matrix). This comes as a somewhat bittersweet moment as I have been running my own matrix server since the end of 2016 and worked on the bridge since early 2017. I’ve been a fan and user of matrix over those years, the idea of a decentralized chat network built on common protocol that could interface with other networks appeals to me.

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