App development after BlackBerry 10

I’m starting to think more about my mobile app development efforts after BB10 is no longer supportable. It still has life left in it but now that BlackBerry is starting to turn services off it may not be for much longer.  I’ve dabbled off and on with Android development and do have an app for that I’m actively working on.  But Android as a platform isn’t my favorite and developing for it isn’t as fun given it’s Java roots.  So I’m finally putting more attention towards the mobile Linux development space.  I think there is a lot more room for amazing things to develop and evolve in that arena.  Projects like ubports are gaining momentum and companies like Jolla and Purism have exciting things happening with their distributions and device support.  I’ll continue to support my BB10 apps as long as the code signing servers existing and I can distribute usable bar files but I’ll also be porting those apps over to Ubuntu Touch and maybe Sailfish OS.  Beyond that any new projects I start on will be for the mobile Linux space.  And open source too!

Morgan McMillian

Spaced out Linux nerd

By Morgan McMillian, 2018-02-28