Goober 0.7.0

The latest Goober for Android has been released to the Google Play store. This update adds the ability to hide images in the timeline by default and a new profile view allowing you to view a users posts, follow, mute, or block. I also added a couple of tweaks to the post actions menu mostly for myself but perhaps others might find them useful as well.

As usual if you have questions or issues you can find me in the Goober chat on pnut. You can also find more information, checkout the source, and file issues on my git project site.


Goober will be undergoing some significant changes over the next series of updates to strip away the native device dependencies and become more of a true cross-platform mobile application. The two big goals I have in mind will be to support more mobile platforms and to have live automatic updates. Here are some of the things I have in mind in no particular order.

  • Live automatic updates
  • Expanded OS support (iOS, Ubuntu Touch, & others)
  • Accessibility
  • Additional rich post capabilities
  • Message channel support
  • Notification support?

Morgan McMillian

Spaced out Linux nerd

By Morgan McMillian, 2018-11-23