Task Slayer 0.4.1 available

My latest update to Task Slayer is now available for sale in BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry Z10.  There are a number of bug fixes included in this release to make it fast and stable now that BB10 has been officially released.  Even though it’s not labeled as v1.0 it’s ready for every day use.  My next release will focus on tighter BB10 integration, Q10 support, and perhaps a few extra features along the way.

What’s New

  • Archive completed tasks (done.txt)
  • Bug fix: automatic focus on text fields
  • Bug fix: refresh following Dropbox authentication
  • Bug fix: scrolling on settings page


  • Package available from [BlackBerry World]1.

  1. BlackBerry AppWorld is no longer available ↩︎

Morgan McMillian

Spaced out Linux nerd

By Morgan McMillian, 2013-02-16