Task Slayer for BB10 update

This is a relatively minor update to Task Slayer.  The only notable feature was really just adding a quick search box and a little bit of UI tweaking.  Those with DevAlpha devices can download it from BlackBerry World.  Along with refreshed screenshots I’ll attempt to post a video with my next release to give a taste to those who might be eagerly awaiting the launch of BlackBerry 10 at the end of January or curious to see how this app works compared to it’s counter parts.

What’s New

  • Search
  • Updated splash screen and app icon
  • Bug fix: wrong default location for todo.txt on Dropbox


  • Package available from [BlackBerry App World]1.

  1. BlackBerry AppWorld is no longer available ↩︎

Morgan McMillian

Spaced out Linux nerd

By Morgan McMillian, 2012-12-13