Task Slayer for BlackBerry 10

My first BlackBerry 10 app Task Slayer is now available in the BlackBerry AppWorld.  Like my previous apps Task Slayer is a task manager based on the todo.txt file format.  This initial release covers the basics for managing tasks on the local device and has focused on making for a usable user interface.  It’s been tested and functional in the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator.  I’m looking for those who have Dev Alpha devices to help test and provide feedback.  I plan to have Dropbox syncing in my next release and have the basic framework in place to easily add more cloud services.  Click or scan the barcode link to download and give it a try.1

  1. BlackBerry AppWorld is no longer available ↩︎

Morgan McMillian

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By Morgan McMillian, 2012-10-13