Todo.txt Enyo 0.4.1 update for webOS

Long live webOS!  I’ve decided to release a minor update to address some webOS specific requests.  First up has to do with scaling properly on a Pre 3 device.  Since I don’t have an actual Pre 3 device I have to rely on the simulator which doesn’t truly show how small or large the text actually looks.  Hopefully this will help those die hard users from having to strain their eyes.  The other change allows those who maintain their todo.txt on the local device to change where it’s stored internally.  This should be particularly useful for those who dual boot their TouchPad with Android and like to keep edit the file in either OS.

What’s New

  • Adjust for Pre3 screen resolution
  • Allow edit of internal file location on WebOS


  • Source available here.

Morgan McMillian

Spaced out Linux nerd

By Morgan McMillian, 2013-04-13